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You can get a hardcover signed copy of 

Book 1, Stench of Sulphur Swamp here or 

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Book 2, Hook, Lion & Stinker

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Prof. Odysseus Malodorus is also the author of:          

101 Ways to Make Monkey Flatulence Work for You

1001 Ways to Make $$$ from Swamp Gas 


Honorary member, The National Phlegm-Lovers Society. His athletic supporter was a third place winner in the Jock Itch of the Year 

Competition. In addition, he has received a Fellowship from the Mucous Society of America and, of course, for seven years in a row, 

he received the Golden Sphincter for having the most active rectum in America.


After being abandoned as a newborn infant and left in a MacDonald’s Quarter Pounder Styrofoam container in the backwoods 

outside Texarkana, Ody was raised by a rogue gang of feral pencil-neck geeks who ran a freak show. Among the freaks who raised and 

educated him, he most loved an African-American blues singer with flippers for hands named Blind Mad Dog Kropotkin who is best 

known for his stirring rendition of “Smells Like Teen Spirit,” done on the accordion.


Frisbee Golf, Making Balloon Animals and Crocheting Hats out of old Diet Dr. Pepper cans. 

Hardcover Book I, The Stench of Sulphur Swamp

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Only 1000 were printed.

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Book 2, Hook, Lion & Stinker, in ebook form as a pdf

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Book 2 of the series.

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